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The beach in Bordeaux

Let’s start to say Bordeaux is not on the sea. The beach in bordeaux is not only one. There are many and quite close to the sea … yeah but to reach the atlantic sea you’ve to get there by… Continue Reading →

Tram in Bordeaux

Bordeaux by tram represents the best choice you can make once in this nice ville de France. You can easily move from one part to the other of Bordeaux in less than 35 minutes. Basically there are 3 lines (a… Continue Reading →

The Golden triangle in Bordeaux

What’s the golden triangle in Bordeaux? Well who’s a bordelaise can answer very quickly to this questions. Here you have. The golden triangle is the best place you can be in Bordeaux. It’s delimitated by cours de l’intendance, Allée de… Continue Reading →

Visit Margaux

When to visit Margaux ? How to visit Margaux? First of all let’s be clear: it is a nice village close to Bordeaux. It’s a village of 2910 inhabitants top north of Bordeaux. It’s very very famous for the wine… Continue Reading →

24hours in Bordeaux – what to do?

24hours in Bordeaux – what to do? Are you just at Merignac Airport waiting for a connection flight to elsewhere? or maybe you’re just driving south towards Spain and you stop by Bordeaux for few hours? Ah no you’re couchsurfing… Continue Reading →

One day walking in Bordeaux

One day walking in Bordeaux Bordeaux worthwhile to have a visit once in life. I lived in Calabria (south of Italy), Rome, Milan, Bristol, London…but Bordeaux remains the best city where I lived. The atmosphere, the friendly people, the nice… Continue Reading →

The best Italian restaurant in Bordeaux

The best Italian restaurant in Bordeaux We believe the best Italian restaurant in Bordeaux is Chez Bartolo, 15 Rue des Faussets, in Bordeaux. No matter if you already have eaten, or if you are vegan… when you’re there appetite will come… Continue Reading →

Da Nonna Assunta a Bordeaux

Da Nonna Assunta a Bordeaux  The “Capucins” market cannot be avoided as a gastronomic destination in Bordeaux.  It is in the spirit of diversity and refined dishes that the stand DA NONNA ASSUNTA a Bordeaux founds its place.  It is… Continue Reading →

Home restaurant in Bordeaux

Welcome to home restaurant in Bordeaux. Actually, there is no home restaurant in Bordeaux. Yes, you understood well. A nice city like this, still doesn’t have a home restaurant. Don’t you know what home restaurant is ? These restaurants often… Continue Reading →

A week in Bordeaux

A day in Bordeaux Bordeaux: what to do in one week. This city is not only the wine city. Remember: if you want to discover Bordeaux, you should live as Bordolais live. The habitants of Bordeaux are extremely keen to live… Continue Reading →

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