24hours in Bordeaux – what to do?

Are you just at Merignac Airport waiting for a connection flight to elsewhere? or maybe you’re just driving south towards Spain and you stop by Bordeaux for few hours? Ah no you’re couchsurfing in Bordeaux and you want to know what to do in Bordeaux – in 24hours.

Bordeaux, what a city!

Here you are. So load your backpack, discard any map, follow this guide that will tell you more about 24hours in Bordeaux – what to do?

  1. Start from La Victoire place.

    University Place in Bordeaux

Start your 24h trip from here. Admire the buildings… and then go to Marche de Capucins

How to reach Marche Capucins

Get to marché des Capucins (we are talking here) and have lunch here. Plenty of street food and nice stands where you could have genuine and authentic food. This place is the favourite of bordelaise people. It’s also known as the “belly of Bordeaux’ because everything starts from here. Lot of bakers, little cozy restaurants.  If you stay just for 24hours in Bordeaux you cannot come here and try / buy the cheese. You will also find  wine merchants, oystergrowers, fishmongers but also organic regional products as well as food from all over the globe, fruit and vegetables, and olives.

Marchè des Capucins – Inside

After having lunch at the Marchè des Capucins you could direct yourself to Saint Michel. Admire the tallest campanile of Europe! Here you have.

Campanile of Saint Michel

If you are lucky to be in Bordeaux on sunday here you will find an excellent flea market. If you love antiquities and old vynils LP and you’re looking for a chair from the 60’s… here you are: in the right place!