Best pizza in Bordeaux

Many users registered to this blog asked us : which is the best pizza in Bordeaux ?
As you may know, we are Italians and so… who can tell, better than us, which is the best pizza in Bordeaux?


Best pizzeria in bordeaux

Best pizza in bordeaux

Let’s go for a quick review.

  1. Peppone & ragazzi di peppone.
    Rating: Non classified.We are not going to review this pizzeria otherwise we can be reported to the police. :-). Definitely not an Italian place despite its popolarity in Bordeaux. Maybe in the past was better, but now …definitely it’s a french-italian restaurant. No way.
  2. Masaniello. Rue macodinat 22, 33000 Bordeaux.
    Rating 4.6/5.Excellent pizza. If we close our eyes – it looks like you are in Naples. Not 5 for some reasons like overcrowded (sometimes) (i.e. saturday). Little bit overpriced (italian pizza are around 6- 8 euro) here you can arrive up to 16 euro for a pizza but… we can justify this price – really excellent pizza – like you were in Italy. 10/10. Definitely the best pizza in Bordeaux. The oven is powered with wood and pizza is cooked like it should be.
  3. Capperi. 3 Rue de la Cour des Aides, 33000 Bordeaux. 05 56 90 93 05
    Rating 4.3/5.Bartolo is a very nice pizzaiolo. Self made man if we would like to picture him. Sicilian guy and ambitious opened few years ago a little and cozy pizzeria in the heart of Bordeaux. The quality of the food is super – 5 stars – the only pity is.. the oven which is a banal, normal electric oven. AAARGH !
  4.  There is no other pizza in Bordeaux worthy of this name.

We strongly suggest you to visit Masaniello and Capperi – two best pizzerie in Bordeaux.
You will definitely love the pizza of Masaniello and the atmosphere , ambience of Capperi.
Do like we do: we alternate these two every month!

Please, if you want to be Italian: do not order wine! We immediately recognise that you are a tourist! If you get just pizza, you have to get only BEER ! Try Peroni or Nastro azzurro!

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