Bordeaux by tram represents the best choice you can make once in this nice ville de France. You can easily move from one part to the other of Bordeaux in less than 35 minutes. Basically there are 3 lines (a fourth one is opening in few months – D ).

Tram in Bordeaux map

The two major lines (A and B) met in one single point – exactly in the city center. The arretr (stop in french) is called Hotel de Ville. If you stop here you can easily change from the line A to line B and viceversa. It’s quite simple : only 1 minute walking – you need just to change side! The Line C (indeed) is quite far from this point – You can catch the line C on the river side. I would recommend to travel on these two major lines because the top 10 attractions of Bordeaux lie on these stops.

TRAM A Bordeaux – What to see ?

On the Tram A you will find the Hotel de Ville – basically this is the hall of Bordeaux – there is a big huge tower with a superb cathedral! (St. Andre). If you come by Christmas you will find a really high Christmas tree. Another station I recommend on the Tram B is St. Catherine – Stop here if you like to go for shopping. You will find here the longest street with plenty of shops! Another stop is place du palais – excellent and nice SPOT where to take lot of photos with your family! It’s a must !!!

Place du Palais, Tram A

Along the Tram A Bordeaux there is another stop where you should “arretr” (learn french!). Jardin Botanique! Lovely place where you can sit in front of many plants of every kind. Walk, sit down, relax, ENJOY! Bordelaise people usually come here by saturday / sunday. If you are here during the summer time – you’ll find a nice Jazz club. Ask to the local!

TRAM A stop – Jardin Botanique

TRAM B Bordeaux

What to see , what to visit ? Well Tram B is our favourite line. You can start at Musee d’acquitaine. This magic place has the famous Musee d’acquitaine. Here you can find plenty of painting collection and historical monuments of France. Worth a visit!

Grand Teathre stop – Here you are in the GOLDEN TRIANGLE of Bordeaux. The best place you can be in Bordeaux. Very aristocratic, elegant with elitaire people. Find here the best shops in Bordeaux.

CAPC stop – Here you have the CAPC Musee d’Art Contemporain. Nice if you like art. If you contnue on the same line (Direction Bassin flot) stop at the next one and visit the CHARTRON quarter. Go in the little streets and visit the true ancient spirit of Bordeaux!