Bordeaux – The most visited city in Europe

If Bordeaux has been the most visited city in Europe in the 2015 there should be a reason. Easy to understand: wine, food, and people.

Bordeaux what to visit

Bordeaux what to visit

After its 2007 classification as a World Heritage Site, Bordeaux, in the year 2015 was entitled as Europe’s Best Destination – against opposition from many of the continent’s finest cities. In the past, the place was indeed full of good taste and tradition. “The very essence of elegance,” concluded the Queen Elizabeth last time she visited Bordeaux.

When to go

This city is always beautiful – whenever you go : winter time or summer time… whenever you’re free. We believe end of May, June and July will give you lovely time in Bordeaux. 100% sunny assured.

Before you go

Essential contacts

Emergency services: Dial 112
Bordeaux Tourist Office: 00 33 5 56 00 66 00 ;; 12 Cours du XXX Juillet; Bordeaux