Da Nonna Assunta a Bordeaux

 The “Capucins” market cannot be avoided as a gastronomic destination in Bordeaux.  It is in the spirit of diversity and refined dishes that the stand DA NONNA ASSUNTA a Bordeaux founds its place.  It is held by Simone Onorante, a true Sicilian guy that proposes you one of the best Italian product: « Arancine », hand-made stuffed risotto balls with the secret ingredient … …love !



Cooking is most of all, an act of love, that our memory holds into our hearts, always ready to answer to the call of childhood’s treasures, hugs from grandmas’ and mothers !

Grandmas’ that are our childhood’s complice giving everything they have to embellish our lives and make us live nicer things than what they probably did.

It is the case of Assunta, Simone’s Grandma that deeply inspired him in his cooking with the creation of the stand in the Capuccins “Da Nonna Assunta”.  Without knowing it, Assunta created an eternal relation with all of the tastes that we have the pleasure to discover today thanks to Simone.  Assunta that was cooking arancine for her preferred grand-son Simone.

The chef tries to give life to memories through the recipes that filled-up his childhood thanking for all the joyful souvenirs that only time and wisdom can enhance.  Time becomes a priceless partner not only allowing to remember but also to live the present moment and to look forward for the future.

Visiting « Da Nonna Assunta a Bordeaux » is all this: traveling through the taste and feeling of a Sicilian cooking that started in London, came back to Italy to flourish in Bordeaux.

Finally, Simone provides a feeling of personality and authenticity, arising out of each bite without having the pretention to compete with no one but himself, remembering each time the unconditional love, and stating that in reality cooking is about sharing :

L’Arancina: traditional / pistachio pesto / red wine and duck / white wine and foie gras / vegetarian / cheese.

Le Bruschette : salmon / pistachio pesto / basilica tomato / ham / calabraise sauce / eggplant.

Many other homemade surprises: Soups / Sicilian salads / Chocolate cake with pepper jam.


…… Everything to travel in Sicilia !! Everything to discover this piece of Italy bringing this unexpected cooking closer, festive, intimate.

It could not be otherwise! After all, no one but the grandmothers can be invicible in cooking, as for Assunta and all of the grandmas’ of the world!

If you come to Bordeaux, between oysters and good wine, stop at Da Nonna Assunta in the Capuccins Market.

You will not regret it ……………


More info: https://www.facebook.com/danonnaassunta/