Welcome to home restaurant in Bordeaux.

Actually, there is no home restaurant in Bordeaux. Yes, you understood well.
A nice city like this, still doesn’t have a home restaurant. Don’t you know what home restaurant is ?

Home restaurant in Bordeaux

Home restaurant in Bordeaux

These restaurants often operate from a private home, former factory or similar space, and it’s only for few people. If you want to book for your dinner typically you should make use of social media, such as the blogosphere and Twitter, to follow the movement of these restaurants.

Pop-up restaurants are the latest foodie trend. In Bordeaux, why not, we can be the first.

Okay let’s open one. Do you like Italian kitchen? If yes, please write down here. Dinner for max 4 people. Saturday night. 20.30 PM. Two italian cook can do for you the dinner. Menu ?Gnocchi, carne alla pizzaiola, good italian wine and..good tiramisu (Italian Tiramisu!)
Please, book your table!
Spoken languages: French, Italian and English.