Let’s start to say Bordeaux is not on the sea. The beach in bordeaux is not only one. There are many and quite close to the sea … yeah but to reach the atlantic sea you’ve to get there by a public transport or with your private car. How much time from Bordeaux to the atlantic sea? Around 1hour by car we would say or 1hour and half by bus or train.

One of the Beach in Bordeaux

How to get to the beach close to bordeaux

First of all we strongly suggest the trains. Check out your trip just going on the SCNF website. Click here!

You can also check the bus but we remember you it’s around 2 hours trip. There is a fixed price for the Transgironde,  the regional bus network of Gironde. The departure are from Bordeaux. Ticket is about 3.00€. We recommend you to visit this website and check out for your favourite plage. Click here!

Which are the best beaches of Bordeaux ?

  • Hourtin Plage Beach, Hourtin
  • Dune du Pilat
  • Le porge
  • Lacanau
  • Plage d’Arcachon
  • Plage des Abatilles
  • Plage de Molleau

Le Porge Beach

History of Le Porge Beach

The plage of Le Porge was formed by dunes until the 19th century. Over the years, some people insediated there and created a nice village. It’s the closest beach of Bordeaux.

The village developed between the dunes, rivers and drained wetlands area. Until the seventeenth century, the population was virtually a self-sufficient small farming community.  In 1986, the tapping (harvesting pine resin) was stopped, due to competition from countries such as Greece and Portugal, And today, Le Porge is a seaside resort. It’s also very famous because of some nudists area…

Very nice , excellent for surfing. Here a photo of La Porge beach

Le dune du Pilat

This is the most famous southern sand of note of this Atlantic coast. It’s very close to Bordeaux – always in the Gironde department. Why is this dune so famouse? Well it’s not a great beach but it’s also the highest dune in Europe (360 foot (110 meters) extending for about 2 miles (3 kilometers). Yes, It’s the largest sand dune in Europe after the ones in Sardinia, Italy and Portugal. You can easily hike up during winter time while in the summer time there are also stars placed there by the locals. Once you’re there you can also do gliding … launch yourself towards the atlantic sea.

You can admire the entire ocean at your feet and you can look at the opposite side where there is Cap Ferret with its beaches and top restaurants like Chez Hortense.
Remember to take your lady to La coorniche!

What to do on the beach close to Bordeaux

If you’re going with your family, they can enjoying paddling in the chilly but shallow water. Enjoy the surrounding chatting with Franch families – ask to the locals for the best thing to do. Ask for the restaurant, ask for the best surfing spot, ask for a lift to the nearest village. French people are very friendly.

While children created their sandcastles on the beaches close to Bordeaux, your teenagers could play at volleyball. Usually you can enjoy sunbathing or strolling in the surf.

At 12.30 you can go to the local restaurant, get some oyster and white wine. Do not forget some tapas, since the spanish influence is there.