What’s the golden triangle in Bordeaux? Well who’s a bordelaise can answer very quickly to this questions. Here you have.

The golden triangle in Bordeaux!

The golden triangle is the best place you can be in Bordeaux. It’s delimitated by cours de l’intendance, Allée de Tourny and Cours Georges Clemenceau.
This triangle is right in the city center! At the right corner you have the best hotel in Bordeaux: The Grand Hotel – and in front you have the Grand Teathre! What a wonderful place to be.

The golden triangle in Bordeaux is rich of elegant shops, from Baccarat and Lalique to the famous canéles de Bordeaux. On cours de l’Intendance you will find excellent shops for ladies like Tara Jarmon You should walk at the top bottom, where you have the beautiful place Gambetta! 

The Operà in the golden triangle in Bordeaux
L’Operà de Bordeaux!

Why The Golden Triangle in Bordeaux is so famous?

Well, it’s quite simple. It’s very expensive: everything. You cannot buy an apartment for less then 400’000 Euro for example. Only the bourgeoisie people live here. Just walk inside the golden triangle and you will understand…

Place de la bourse
Place de la bourse, Bordeaux

Looking for Hotels in the golden triangle?

Good choice! If you go to Bordeaux, you cannot miss to live for 2 – 3 nights in the golden triangle! Hereby a list of the most famous hotel where to book for few (or more) nights!

  • Le Grand Hotel (Top five star Hotel)
  • Le Boutique Hotel (Our favourite, very trendy)
  • Coeur de city (Cheap 3 stars Hotel)

What to do in the Golden Triangle of Bordeaux

Simply do what Bordelaise people do. Taste wine for example! These are very nice address if you like to taste (and buy) good sample of wine! Our favourite (and best in Bordeaux shop) is the Bar a Vín (3 Cours du 30 Juillet)! Next is the la vinothèque de Bordeaux (8 Cours du 30 Juillet). Enter here, you can sit down and taste the best of the best for few euros! We strongly suggest to go at the first address (Bar a Vín) for an aperitive (7.30 PM). You will enter in the fabolous world of Bordeaux’s wine!

The Famous Bar A Vín in the golden triangle in Bordeaux
Le Bar a Vín in the golden triangle of Bordeaux!

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