Top five reasons to visit bordeaux, France

Why to come to Bordeaux? Here top five reasons to visit Bordeaux.

1. Legendary WINES: Margaux, Medoc, Cheval noir, Pessac leognan. Top quality class bottles of wine. You have to bring home a set of 3 – bottles from Bordeaux. Wine tasting is available everywhere, if you like to move : there is st. Emilion, 30 miles away from Bordeaux which is the best place where to taste many bottle of wine for free! This is the first of top five reasons to visit Bordeaux.

Reason to come to bordeaux

The wine – excellent

2. FOOD : This is an excellent point. For us represents the second point in the list of reasons to come to Bordeaux. Food in Bordeaux is excellent. Wherever you eat, you will be satisfied. And why not to talk about going eat in a chateau like the smith Lafitte? Read what we’ve written. If you don’t like or you can’t go outside Bordeaux because you can’t rent a car – you can have the best food at Exploit –  (16 Rue de la Cour des Aides). This is the second top five reasons to visit Bordeaux.


Smith Lafitte chateau – Top 5 reason to visit bordeaux

3. Cycling. A three-mile stretch along the magnificently restored riverfront will give immediately the willing to ride your bike. You can ride off into the myriad of medieval streets, which form the heart of the city, or into the neighbouring neo-Classical splendour of its 18 th century parliament area. There are many cycle routesjust outside the city, handily mapped and described in the Gironde Cyclo guide, freely available from the Tourist Office. This is the third  top five reasons to visit Bordeaux.

Cycle bordeaux

Cycle in bordeaux

4. Les huitres – Oysters! Bordeaux is the city where you can eat oysters for few bucks. Our favourite place where to eat oysters is Marche de cupucins (this is a local market where every Bordolaise goes to shop food on sat morning). Le marche de capucins is open every day except on mon and Tuesday. Best time is lunch time. Inside there are many shops where you can sit and taste oysters and wine. Definitely a good time. This is the fourth top five reasons to visit Bordeaux.

Oysters in Bordeaux

Oysters in Bordeaux

5. Have a walk in Chartrons quarter. This is the best, in our opinion, quarter to visit of Bordeaux. This quarter, located between Quai des Chartrons and Cours de Verdun, has been named afer the Carthusians who were established here before leaving in the 15C to make way for an enormous wine depot. In the 18th century, Bordeaux merchants built some beautiful private residences here. Have a walk here specially at the sunset – walking along rue de notredame. Discover how many antiques there are – shops where you can find ancient things like Louis XVIII clocks 🙂 and more – After this long walk take a rest in one of the most chic restaurant of Bordeaux. This is the fifth in the top five reasons to visit Bordeaux.

Top five reasons to go to Bordeaux - Chartrons is one of the best quarter

Top five reasons to visit Bordeaux – Chartrons is one of the best quarter

We believe these are the top five reasons to visit Bordeaux. Do not hesitate to write down here if you need more info regarding what to do in Bordeaux.