When to visit Margaux ? How to visit Margaux? First of all let’s be clear: it is a nice village close to Bordeaux. It’s a village of 2910 inhabitants top north of Bordeaux. It’s very very famous for the wine : there are more than 29 chateaux (the sites where the wine is produced). Do not confound it with margot which means totally another thing. Also do not say margaut! Bare in mind : MARGAUX !

Margaux is the epicenter of every Wine lover! If you land in Bordeaux you need just to rent the first car at Bordeaux aiport and you’ve to drive for 30-40 minutes. You cannot enjoy the scenario you’ll have. Margaux is a tiny village and they will welcome you. Visit Margaux and you will never forget this little place in France.

Visit Margaux (the village!)

Beatiful landscapes, wineyards and chateaux. Margaux is an elegant place where to spend a weekend along with you family. Enjoy the nature, walk, hike and then rest in a fantastic super restaurant! Taste the best wine ever.. see below!

Visit Margaux for hotels ?

Well, we strongly suggest you to go to look on google for a “margaux hotel”. If you look on google there will be a lot. Too many hotels. Hereby a list of hotels we recommend:
– Villabordoh
– Le pavillon de Margaux

Visit Margaux for Restaurants? ?

If you visit Margaux for restaurant you should absolutely taste the foie grois! It is considered a luxury food product made of the liver of a duck or goose.

If you sit down in a restaurant you cannot taste the wine chateau margaux 1953. This wine is the most famous of the local area; It’s a very expensive one. Chateau margaux 1953 cost only 500 euro! It has a blend of 75% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Merlot and 5% Cabernet Franc. As bottle of wine impressed me so much for his opulent richness and powerful bouquest of ripe blackcurrant, vanilla oak, spices and violet.

Visit Margaux - This is what you will have!

It’s a ‘Premier Cru Classé en 1855’, Château Margaux has been the flagship estate of this prestigious appellation for centuries, passed down between successive generations of owners.

Since 1977 the Château has seen a renaissance and reached new heights under the guidance of owner André Mentzelopoulos. Nowadays, the 78 hectares of vines are managed by André’s daughter Corinne; Château Margaux is a sensual, feminine wine with excellent body.

Another excellent wine is Chateau margaux 1995; The cost is around 310 euro.

If you go back to bordeaux, do not forget to visit this marvellous city ! Here a nice guide!